Protecting Your Exercise Equipment From Damage When Moving

Posted on: 24 March 2016

If you are going to move to a new home, and you have exercise equipment you plan on bringing along, you will want to take steps in preparing it for the ride in a moving truck. Since exercise equipment is usually heavy and bulky, it will need special care so it does not become damaged in transit. Here are some steps you can take to get your equipment ready for the trek to your new home.

Prepare For The Disassembling Process

Before you begin disassembling a piece of exercise equipment, take photographs of the unit with all pieces intact. This will help you when it comes time to assemble the machinery at your new home. It is also good idea to call the manufacturer before you move so they can mail you an equipment assembly handbook if you had misplaced yours.

Remove All Protruding Items

Your larger exercise equipment should be stripped down to a frame so there are no attachments or cables dangling in the truck, possibly causing damage to other items or the equipment itself. Remove all cables, ropes, straps, pins, or bars and wrap them in pieces of bubble wrap. Label each item with the piece of equipment you had taken it from so you can match them up when you start assembling your equipment in your new home.

Take Care Of Weights Appropriately

If you have weights on a piece of equipment, they will need to be removed and packaged before you move the unit. Failing to take off the weights will not only make it awkward to move the equipment, but it could also cause damage if the rod holding the weights happens to break. Wrap each weight in a towel and stack them inside a sturdy box. Do not put too many weights in each box or you will have difficulty moving them. Make sure to label the boxes so movers are aware of the weight before they attempt to pick them up.

Secure All Moving Parts

If your equipment has portions that move, such as pedals on a exercise bike, you will need to secure these so there is less chance of damage to the equipment or other items in the truck. This can be done by stringing bungee cords through each moving piece to keep it from rotation or extending too far. You can also try using long pieces of tape to help keep movable parts in place. 

Prepare The Frame For Moving

After you had removed all loose or moving pieces from your equipment, you can wrap the frame with pieces of bubble wrap. Afterwards, wrap bath towels or blankets around each part of the frame to give it additional cushioning for its ride in the moving truck. These can be taped on using masking tape.

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