Utilizing A Storage Unit To Free Up Space For Home Projects

Posted on: 2 March 2016

If you are gearing up for a big clean in your current home, it might be hard to know just where to begin. Renting a storage unit can help free up space for cleaning your entire home without your things getting in the way. Here are four ways that you can utilize residential storage services in order to clean your home top to bottom.

1. Access to Walls and Carpeting

If you are hoping to tackle home projects such as painting or carpet cleaning, renting a storage unit can be a great way to clear out your space. This will give you a period of time to tackle larger cleaning and redecorating projects in your home. This will keep your household items from getting damaged in the process and will enable you to get to all corners of your home for deep cleaning and upgrading.

2. Clearing out the Yard for Removal and Landscaping

If your yard and patio are filled with bikes and outdoor equipment, it can be hard to get to all areas of your yard for weed removal, power washing, and plant trimming. Get all of your outdoor furnishings and sporting equipment out of the way and into a storage unit while you tackle your yard.

3. Clearing out the Kitchen for an Overhaul

Unless you can clear out all cabinets and drawers for a deep clean in the kitchen, you might never be able to give this space the clean scrub it deserves. It is a good idea to periodically box up and  store all of your kitchenwares and appliances so that you can give your kitchen the overhaul it deserves. Along with cleaning, any small additions such as painting or adding in a backsplash can be incorporated at the same time.

4. Decorating Kid's Rooms

As kids get older, their tastes will change and they may be ready for a more grown-up look. It is a good idea to clear out bedrooms for this project and clean this space before redecorating. Clear out bedrooms and store what will be kept and donate older pieces you will be replacing. By starting out with a clean space, your newly redecorated kid's rooms will look even nicer.

Getting started on a big clean can be a hard task and is something many individuals only get around to when they are moving. If you can clear up some space in your home with the help of self-storage, this can help with major cleaning endeavors. If you are after a fresh start in a lived-in home, get items out of your home and into storage so you can tackle a major clean. For more information, consider contacting companies like Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.