Kid Going Off To College? Get A Storage Unit And Create A Vacation Rental

Posted on: 29 February 2016

When your child graduates from high school and goes to college nearby, they can continue living at home to keep their monthly expenses down and focus on their studies. However, if they go to college far away, they will likely move into a dorm or find a decent-sized place with a roommate or two. By having them move out, you gain an opportunity to transform their bedroom into something new.

A vacation rental is an excellent fit, but you will need a storage unit to make it work perfectly.

Clear Out Their Room, But Keep Their Belongings

While your child is likely to take most of their possessions along, they will not take everything. Since you want to start making use of the room, you have to find a place to put the leftover things. Putting the rest in a storage unit is ideal as you can save it for if your child moves back during time off of school.

Make the House a Little More Photogenic

When you transform one bedroom of your home into a vacation rental, you cannot expect to decorate that room alone and make an excellent impression on your guests. While the bedroom is the guest's private area, you should grant them access to a bathroom and the kitchen for preparing meals. As a result, you should stage the rest of the house to appeal to anyone who is traveling to your city.

It is ideal to remove family photos and valuable items from shared spaces. These items can go into your storage unit, which you can access at any time. If you put a hold on the vacation rental at any point in time, you can head to the storage unit, get your items back, and display them in your house again.

Invest in Seasonal Housewares and Decorations

If you want to maximize your rental's appeal to potential guests, you should get seasonal housewares and decorations. Red and green pillows or throws are perfect for during winter to represent Christmas. Valentine's Day, Easter, and New Years are other holidays celebrated all throughout the world, so staging your home and private room for these holidays will still appeal to international guests.

The great thing about a vacation rental compared to a full-time rental is that you can stop at any time. A storage rental gives you the ability to switch decorations between holidays and seasons, and it allows you to furnish your child's old bedroom with their things if they decide to come home for a time.