Three Rules To Remember About Tipping A Moving Crew

Posted on: 19 February 2016

At the end of your moving day in which you enlisted the help of a professional crew of movers, it's a sign of proper etiquette to tip each member who contributed to the success of the day. Hiring a moving crew, either for part of the move or the entirety of it, can dramatically reduce the physical and emotional strain on you – instead of you having to struggle to handle your heavy and awkward possessions, the crew to take on this burden for you. The best way to reciprocate is by tipping, but if you haven't been through this process, it's important to brush up on the rules for tipping a moving crew so you know how to proceed. Here are three things to remember.

Keep This Guideline In Mind

While you should always remember that tipping your moving crew is entirely your choice, it's valuable to familiarize yourself with the general etiquette surrounding the tip. The guideline to keep in mind is to tip between $10 and $25 per member of the crew. When you book the moving crew prior to the big day, be sure that you know how many members the crew will have. Ensuring that you know this number means that you'll be able to set aside the appropriate amount of cash for tipping, rather than have to scramble to find a bank machine during the day that's already busy.

Note The Factors That Influence The Tip Amount

The wide range within the tipping guideline gives you the flexibility to tip each member of the crew based on how he or she performs throughout the day. While it's true that you'll be busy enough that you can't consistently observe the crew's habits, you should be able to get a general sense of how things are going. Focus on factors such as how the crew speaks with you and your family and how the members treat your possessions. You should see each person taking care to protect everything that needs to be moved, as well as avoiding damage to the walls, floor and the rest of the home.

Tip Each Person Individually

When you're ready to give out the tips at the end of the move, do so individually. This approach gives you a quick chance to express your thanks to each mover as you hand him or her the tip. It's also ideal if you've decided to tip one member more than the others because you consistently saw him or her hustling; by tipping individually, there won't be an awkward moment for the other crew members. Contact a business, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving, for more information.